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Amarante Skin Care Products

Dermatologically formulated skin care products with Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

Amarante Skin Care ProductsA non prescription answer for achieving a smoother, younger-looking appearance.
100% fragrance-free, allergy tested, and non-acnegenic. Not animal tested.

Dermatologists have long recognized the benefits of alphahydroxy acid, glycolic acid. This natural occurring fruit acid is found in sugar cane. It's small molecular size efficiently penetrates and binds water into the skin, preventing an excessive buildup of dead skin cells in the outermost layers of the skin, causing it to exfoliate or slough. This leaves the skin smoother, healthier and more flexible.

Because so many skin problems are associated with this buildup of dead cells, daily use of glycolic acid can provide many benefits for improving your skin. All of our products contain the highest concentration of glycolic acid to satisfy all skin types.

If you want younger looking, cleaner feeling, healthier, smoother skin with less wrinkles and an even skin tone as well as soft manageable hair.... try Amarante products.

Amarante skin care products were developed by Dr. Amarante, a world renowned dermatologist with a practice of over 10 years.

Now you may purchase the same skin care products without a prescription that Dr.Amarante recommends to her patients.

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Please call us to place an order.

5144 Sheridan Drive
Williamsville , N.Y., 14221
fax 716-632-3140

Email us: info@amaranteskincare.com

The Therapeutic benefits
of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid

1. Younger Looking Skin
2.  Cleaner Feeling Skin
3.  Healthier Skin
4.  Smoother Skin
5.  Less Wrinkles
6.  Even Skin Tone
7.  Soft Manageable Hair

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